The CNRD network is a network of universities that seek to create synergies and join forces. For many partners, global networking is crucial and offers significant benefits. Considering that today’s universities have to be internationally positioned in order to be competitive, participation in a network such as CNRD can be seen as a cornerstone of contemporary science. This applies in particular to partners from low income countries, who are often on the threshold of becoming a knowledge society.

Since the implementation of the CNRD in 2009, about 1000 scientists have been involved in CNRD measures (workshops, trainings, events, conferences), and around 350 students have benefited from support for PhD scholarships, MSc field research, exchange semesters, and joint student projects. More than 120 events, workshops, and conferences have been implemented or visited and hundreds of publications published with the involvement of CNRD partners. Furthermore, different consortia of CNRD partners have been formed and initiated spin-offs. The CNRD has grown into a network of experts that can be described as the nucleus of numerous efforts, initiatives, and projects in the field of natural resources management and development. Some of the results are visible, such as the conference series “Water Security and Climate Change” or the MOOC on “Disasters and Ecosystems: Resilience in a Changing Climate”. Sometimes, results are less visible, e.g. the establishment of a joint research data infrastructure or a web-based platform for exchange of teaching materials.

In short, CNRD has succeeded in networking a wide range of actors from academia and have established international and interdisciplinary research collaborations, which form the basis for future partnerships.